Back in SL

I sell stuff in Second Life. My two main avatars, Buckminster Rust and Serious Wood, have been offering quality virtual goods since mid-2006. A couple of months ago I decided that I’d withdraw Bucminster from SL, mainly to just stop getting all those group emails and spam from sex clubs. Sales were dropping off anyway, and I figured I needed one fewer complication in my real life.

Well, it turns out that I really miss having the extra little bit of moolah I made every month, and I started getting emails from people wondering where they could buy a Primsworth, my greeter robot. I actually got more email from potential customers than SL spam. So last week, I upgraded Buck to a premium account (Serious always has been a premium) and bought a new chunk of land for Rust Automata. It took a couple of days, but my new (admittedly hideous) shop is getting traffic and making sales.

If you’re in SL, stop by Rust Automata sometime.


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