Stop with the Silverlight 1.0, already!

I have an RSS feed from that supposedly lets me in on the latest news, etc. about Silverlight.  A couple of days ago, this gem popped up: “ Silverlight 1.0 Essential Training”.  (Am I going to link to it?  No.)

Why?  Oh, why do we have Silverlight 1.0 tutorials making the news?  Why are people posting new ones?  Why are people posting old 1.0 tutorials they’ve just found?  Silverlight 1.0 wasn’t even a commercially viable product!  Silverlight 1.0 skills will never be sought after!  Well, barring self-fulfilling prophecy, anyway.  I mean, if the net keeps getting cluttered with 1.0 crap, guess what everybody’s going to know?

I think in the interest of getting Silverlight (1.0, or 2.0 beta 2, or 3.7 rc2, or what the hell ever) off the ground, Microsoft should PURGE its websites of SL 1.0 material.  I realize that some of it is pertainent, namely the XAML stuff…but the rest of it is going to do nothing but confuse the hell out of people just getting into it.  It’s not to late to nip the 1.0 in the bud before it pollutes everything.

I realize that there have been oodles of tutorials, videos, blah blah made about Silverlight 1.0.  I’m sorry, but it needs to go.  Much like we let go of phrenology as barking up the wrong tree, so must we do away with SL 1.0.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out why my SL 2b2 project has people thinking is SL 2b1…


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