Making virtualization sexy again

Ok, check out this ad for an upcoming Virtualization Conference + Expo and tell me how hot it makes you:

Sausage.  Fest.  Which, honestly, is to be expected when you’re talking about servers and system administrator type stuff.  But is this the picture you’d choose for your ad?  Seminars and conferences are boring enough without a visual preview.  How about something abstract, like a big 3d globe with wires coming out and surging electrical charges or maybe a translucent humanoid bust with a high-tech-looking green grid background?  How about choosing a picture wherein the ONE female in it is NOT picking her nose?  How about a picture where the seminar audience are all facing the same direction instead of scattered about like stock traders with ADHD?

I wouldn’t really be picking on this so much if it wasn’t one of those “blocker” style ads that gets between you and the content.  If you’re going to stick something in your readers’ faces and force them click it to get it out of the way, at least make it somewhat appealing.


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