Proper Props from Planet Rock

The very first 12″ album I ever owned was Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa.  It was a promo record that my dad got at a garage sale.  He bought it for me based on the title since I was (and pretty much still am) crazy about anything having to do with space.

I was really young, and that album really influenced my taste in music, and influenced a lot of the groups that I ended up liking later in life.  Now there’s a commercial on TV featuring Afrika and some hip-hop guy (dunno his name, too lazy to google it) arguing over who influenced who with Planet Rock, and blah blah…no mention whatsoever of Trans-Europe Express, the Kraftwerk song to which Planet Rock owes its melody riff.

So Afrika…I know it’s just a commercial, but puh-leeeeze…before anybody talks about credit or influences, please include a shout to Kraftwerk.  And not just because you got your ass sued last time, but because props are only proper.


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