Blogging health info: Probably not a good idea.

I don’t know if they’re doing anything like this yet, but I imagine insurance companies are wise to the whole blogging thing and will start using advanced search algorithms to determine whether or not you or members of your family have pre-existing health conditions.

I’m a big advocate of anonymity when it comes to tha interwebz, anyway, but knowing what I do about how health insurance companies can be total fuckbags I must strongly recommend to the few people who will ever read my blog that you be more diligent when posting health info about yourself or anybody you know.

AJ’s advice:  Don’t blog using your real name or location.   Don’t post details about health conditions or medications.  Don’t mention family histories of illness or disease.  Don’t use your primary email address as your blog contact address.  The tougher it is to connect a real life physical person to the text on the screen, the better.  The fewer details that you reveal, the better.

I’m sure that with enough digging, a reasonably crafty person could determine my identity by reading my various blog posts and digging through other resources on the web.  However, that’s not really the objective of my obfuscating efforts.  I just don’t want some automated system to be able to put all those pieces together.


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