ADMIN, people, ADMIN!!!

When you’re building a web application, no matter the size, you should always include an admin section where you can search for users, companies, or whatever entities the application supports. And you should be able to click on your search results and bounce around to the various related objects.

For instance, if you have Companies and each company has many Users, you should be able to search for companies and/or users…when you view a company, its users should be listed, and when you’re viewing a User, you should be able to see its company name and click on the company name in order to see the company’s details. Simple linking back-and-forth between entities!
I’m shocked, saddened and disappointed at how many web apps don’t have these simple features. The developers always end up running SQL queries to find/fix problems instead of using their own app. Make your life easier…build a robust admin area into your web app.


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