Pantech Slate, AT&T and Gmail

I finally replaced my hoopty 4 year old flip-phone.  I never carried the thing.  It was chunky and never held a charge very well.
Now I have a Pantech Slate (CS350), an inexpensive phone that is built better than I expected considering the price ($50, but free after rebate).  It has all the standard stuff like web browser, text messaging and an email app.  It’s no iPhone or Android, or even Blackberry, but it serves my needs.

When I started configuring the thing this evening I was a bit disappointed that the built-in email client didn’t have Gmail listed, nor could you enter your own IMAP or POP settings.

After a bit of poking around on the intarwebz, I found out that the good folks from Google have built a Gmail client that will work with most Java-enabled phones!  Works like a charm.

Just go here –> — and enter your phone number.  They’ll send you a link to the applet installer.  Done!


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