The Save Pedal

My 10 y.o. just lost about an hour’s worth of animation work because he never saved his project.  I’ve told the boy over and over that Ctrl-S is his friend.  It’s unfortunate, but it’s only through this kind of loss that we ever learn to save, save, save.

Some day I’m going to make some kind of USB footpedal that does a “Save” command on my computer every time I step on it. Also, Copy and Paste command pedals would be good.  Heck, I should just get a set of Taurus bass pedals and wire ’em up for various commands.  OK, that would be a horrible thing to do with vintage music gear, but you get the idea.

I found these pedals from Bilbo Innovations when I did a quick google on the topic “computer pedals,” but I think a Taurus-like rig would be far cooler.  Also, these Bilbo pedals plug in between your computer and keyboard…via a PS/2 port.  Yuk!


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