May you be blessed by the deity of your choosing, Mr. Dah.

Tonight was going to be the big night for Hauler. I got a lot of visual content built and photographed in Second Life, and opened up Flex builder to finish up the game. Unfortunately, I ended up spending more than two and a half hours trying to overcome this error dialog:

“Flex Builder cannot locate the required version of Flash Player. You might need to install Flash Player 9 or reinstall Flex Builder.”

I noticed that this happened after I installed IE 8 (I still had IE 6 since I never use IE at home). So I guess Flex Builder lost the path to my debug version plugin when the old version of IE went away.

I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Flash a few times, and fiddled with the paths in Window–>Preferences–>Flex–>Profiler–>Player/Browser but this is NOT the place to do that!!! The correct place to fix this problem was in Window–>Preferences–>Web Browser. I found this tip in the Flex JIRA bug tracker posted by “bahiminin dah” about a year ago. Ya sure got me out of a hole, Mr. Dah. I just checked off Internet Explorer as the browser to open, and the problem went away. (I usually leave Firefox for browsing and IE solely for debugging my Flex junk.)

Here’s a little preview of the new content I’ll be tossing into Hauler this weekend:



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