Appstore Infiltration – Part I: Signup

Well I gave ’em my ninety-nine bucks and I’m waiting to become a gen-u-ine, bona-fide iPhone App Dee-veloper. The shopping cart and checkout process were very smooth, and that’s something I really appreciate since most of my day job consists of e-commerce development. A solid checkout process warms my heart. I’m feeling good about this so far.

As for ProjNameGen, my first app, I’m not quite ready to submit it yet but I have been able to get favorites saved to the little sqlite database and I got the favorites to display in a table on their tab.

Next I’m going to drop in the advertisement code. I need to research which network I want to go with. Then I need to make the Settings screen, where users can add words and…stuff. I’m not exactly sure what else I’m going to put there. I don’t want to scope-creep this thing.

I also need to add some more word categories and words, plus the ability to email generated project names, and delete favorites.


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