Interesting Nostradamus Facts

I’m working on a project that has something to do with Nostradamus’ famous quatrains, and after parsing all the lines and words, I’ve found that:

  • The dude left us 942 quatrains (3768 lines) containing about 4600 unique words.
  • When you exclude common words like “a”, “the”, “and”, “of”, etc, the word most used by Nostradamus in his quatrains is “Great”.
  • He used the word “Great” more than he used the common words “one”, “he”, “from”, “through”, “for”, “they”, “who”, “on”, “so”, as” and “with”!  A whopping 438 times!
  • The proper noun that appears most is “Mars”.
  • The place most mentioned in his quatrains was France – 31 times.
  • Most of the cities and towns mentioned in the quatrains are in France.  Think globally – prophecize locally.  Italian cities are a close second.
  • Approximately 420 unique cities are mentioned in the quatrains.  I can’t get a completely accurate count since some of the place names were intentionally obscured, or they don’t exist any more.
  • The word “life” appears 19 times, while the word “death” appears 96 times.  How cheerful.

I’ll report more amazing facts should I stumble upon them.


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