Mobile App Ideasplosion!

Here’s a collection of mobile app ideas from my idea archives.  Most of them are just plain silly.

  • Rock Me Nostradamus
    • A funny Nostradamus quatrain generator.  It uses modern city names, celebrities, objects and even things that the user puts in (such as friends’ names, etc.).  Think MadLibs but based on the writings of Nostradamus!
    • I actually started working on this one a while back, but I don’t know if it’ll go anywhere.  Might turn it into a mobile web app instead of a native mobile app.  I had taken all of the quatrains and replaced all of the cities, animals, people names, etc. with indicators so I could do a simple replace using a database of modern words.  I even had the wordlist put together.  With a little effort I could get this going, I think.  See this blog post from last year for some interesting facts.
  • The Godwin Button
    • Anytime you push this button, it says some random Hitler/Nazi non-sequitor such as “You know who else wore ties? HITLER.”  So you can Godwin any conversation quickly and easily.
  • Funny Charts and Graphs
    • User can create various charts and graphs with their own text and numbers.  Provide some templates and tips for funny chart ideas.  Provide different chart and graph types.
  • Horoscope Screamer – the user lets a friend check their horoscope, which says something like “you will be frightened today.”  then BAM!  a screaming horrid zombie thing pops up on the screen.
    • “Screw It” – a parody of the Getting Things Done apps.  Encourages procrastination and laziness.
  • Silly Subtitles
    • Hold the phone in front of you, in landscape mode, facing away from you so your friends can see.
    • Speak some kind of gibberish language and the app will “translate” what you’re saying into hilarious phrases.
    • Comes pre-loaded with wacky scripts, or you can make up your own.
    • A new sentence appears after you stop speaking briefly.
  • Crazy/Abusive GPS Navigation
    • Starts out as a normal navigation speech app.  “Take the next left…” etc.
    • Gradually gets more and more frustrated with your driving.  “Are you the biggest idiot in the WORLD?  You just missed another turn!”
    • You could offer all sorts of voice packs.  $$$!
  • Prison Weapons
    • For some reason, gun apps are really, really popular on the iPhone.  This app would provide improvised prison weaponry.  Various shivs, broken bottles, etc.  Complete with gross stabbing sounds and blood splatters.
  • Trick Games
    • Virtually any game genre could be used for this prank.  Setup a two-player game where the players take turns.  The phone’s owner plays first and the game acts normally.  Then the “victim” tries it out and no matter what he tries, it doesn’t let him score any points.
    • The owner is praised and given achievements and high scores, while the victim is made fun of and taunted.
  • Live Studio Audience soundboard
    • All of the best reaction sounds from laugh tracks, etc.
    • Got this idea from a bit on the Family Guy. (“Ethnic Kiss”, etc.)
  • Emergency Preparedness app
    • The core of the app would be a form that the user fills out with vital info such as medical info for themselves and their family (medical conditions, blood type, medications).
    • Finds the closest hospital, clinic, pharmacy, police and fire stations, sporting goods and gun stores, other places to get various supplies or help.
    • User can select people from their contact list to be included in a special “emergency contacts” list inside the app.
    • The entire contents of the app can be emailed or exported easily in a variety of formats.
    • Includes first aid information and checklists for emergency response/reaction.
    • Includes misc. urban survival tips, etc.
    • Can keep track of and guide you to meeting places that you establish with your family.
  • Funny Achievements
    • A parody of achievements that appear in a lot of video games these days.
    • Comes with many preset achievements.
    • Achievements are little animations that have sound, with an icon, headline and descriptive text.  Example: “Big Butthead!  – You have done something really stupid.” and it would have an icon of a butt or something.
    • User can create their own achievements, selecting the animation style, sound and icon.
    • The user would create or select the achievement then hand their phone over to their friend so they could open the achievement.
    • You could also send achievements to your friends via email and they could open them up in a web browser, or directly through the app on their phone.
  • Job-specific Magic 8 Ball Apps
    • My first ideas were for Tech Support and Developers.  For example, “ID-10-T Error” or “That’s not a cupholder” would be classic tech support “answers”.  For developers you could have stuff like “Refactor.”, “Think like a user.”, “Yes, the DBA will notice.” or “Try spelling the variable correctly.”
    • These could be targeted at pretty much any field of endeavor.
  • 8-bit Arsenal
    • Another gun app, but this one is chock full of weapons from classic video games.
  • The Hidden Object Game for Idiots
    • Clue: Find the TIRE … and the only thing on the whole screen is a tire.  Stuff like that.
  • Prank Pets
    • A parody of FooPets, or any tamagotchi-style game where you take care of a virtual pet.
    • The pets could react normally when the owner pets them, grooms them, whatever…but then you put it into prank mode and let your friend try it.
    • The pet gets aggressive, or cowers, or pees all over the place.  For some reason, it doesn’t seem to like your friend!  “That’s weird, did you hit him or something?  Dude, why did you hit my dog?!?”
    • App could say “You have murdered Fluffy with your clumsy, careless abuse.”
    • Pet could become gorily decapitated/dismembered during petting/grooming.
    • Show a “happiness” indicator that quickly drops down to “miserable” or “depressed”, etc.
  • Prank Eye Charts
    • A variety of preset phrases that are laid out in eyechart form.  The user can also add their own.
    • Spells out messages like “B O B  I S  A   H U G E  D O R K”, etc.
  • User-editable funny spinning wheels of chance
    • Like the carnival spinners or Wheel Of Fortune, but with choices that are entered by the user.
    • Also comes with some presets for various situations.

That’s all of the ones I’m willing to admit I’ve thought of so far.  I’m sure there are more lurking in other idea-storage places.


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