Game Ideas, Volume One

Fourth in my “Stuff From My Index Card Boxes” series, here’s a list of games that will never get made.  Well, they won’t be made by me, anyway.  If you can take one of these ideas and do something with it, be my guest.

  • Corporate Idiots
    • Like the classic Lemmings, your corporate idiots have different “skills” that you can exploit to guide them to safety (or into the shredder, whatever).
    • I’m thinking it could be similar to Lemmings in gameplay, but in a 3D environment.
    • Could have Bosses that show up (“managers”) and you have to distract/divert them from the rest of the group.
  • Wordsnake
    • A “snake” made of letters winds its way down the screen, and the player has to click on the letters to form words before it gets away.
    • It’s like TextTwist, etc. but it involves hand/eye coordination along with the cerebral word building.
    • The snake could have many different patterns for winding around the screen.
  • Squirrels of Borecraft
    • A very self-aware parody of the RPG genre.
    • All characters are anthro woodland creatures.  Squirrels, beavers, whatever.
    • Completely break down the genre into its common components…the grinding quests, the NPCs that could do stuff themselves but choose not to, the fact that you’re supposed to be a hero but can’t ride a horse until level 20, etc.
  • Crowd-sourced Dungeon Crawler
    • Users can create and upload dungeons.
    • The dungeons share a common fomat that can be used in many versions of the client – mobile, web, etc.
  • Word Fighting Game, wherein letters have different powers
    • Each player is given a random word or even a sentence.
    • Each letter has its own power.
      • Damage
      • Shield
      • Heal
      • Buff another letter’s abilities
      • Steal a player’s letter
      • Stuff like that!
    • Letter cominations can have interesting powers, too.
    • I’m thinking it’s a turn-based strategy game, where you choose which letter to attack, and which letter to attack it with.  No, I haven’t thought out all the mechanics.
  • Mini-Games based on random word combinations
    • Each mini game is dynamically generated from trying to interpret a random phrase into something you can play.
    • For example, “tenacious blue duck” would try to make some game where you’re a duck trying to get around an obstacle of some kind.
    • Think along the lines of Mario Party games, but SUPER-WEIRD because they’re cobbled together on the fly from random phrases.
    • The important thing is assigning games styles to adjectives…try to get some kind of semantic meaning between words and game mechanics.
  • Platformer + Tower Defense game = ???
    • Imagine taking a tower defense game and turning it on its side…
    • Baddies enter from the top and try to reach the bottom.
    • Use physics and gravity tricks to defeat them, as well as weapons.
    • Build platforms, traps, etc. to slow them down.
  • RPG Click Simulator (parody)
    • A single web page that tracks how many times you click the button.
    • After X number of clicks, you level up and your stats increase.
    • You also get a variety of stupid achievements.
    • You can choose two professions and level those up, too.  Those are separate buttons with their own counts.  They also provide stupid achievements.
  • Web Pages as Game Stages (that rhymes!)
    • This has been done in the form of a really kick-ass Asteroids-type game where you can destroy the page, but I was thinking of something different…
    • You could use a randomly loaded page to “mine” for letters, and do, um…stuff…with them.  No idea what.  Or treat the page like a maze.
  • Durr
    • Durr is a cute little character who gets dumber the better you play.
    • The general idea is to do the exact opposite of an educational game…don’t pick the right answer, pick the most wrong answer!  Of course, that means the player needs to figure out the right answer.  It’s reverse psychology, I guess.
    • You could have a math problem, and answers are falling from the sky.  Durr needs to eat the WORST answer he can.  The worse the answer, the more points you get and the dumber Durr gets.  This would be a fun visual indicator for kids to work with.
  • Combatris
    • A Tetris-like game with little army men trapped inside some of the blocks.
    • Your troops are freed when you make a whole line of 5 blocks (or match colors/shapes, or whatever your chosen mechanic).
    • The freed troops then start attacking the blocks as they’re being dropped.  They can sometimes blow them up completely.
    • They sometimes get squished by falling blocks.
  • Morse Code games
    • There need to be more games out there to help you work on Morse code skills!
    • Fill-in-the-blanks for common phrases by tapping the missing letters.
    • A Missle Command style game, where you have to launch intercept missiles by entering the codes that appear below your missile batteries.  You could use special words like BLAST or TURBO to wipe out several enemy missiles at once.
  • Robot Chucker
    • A physics game like Ragdoll Blaster, but you assemble your own robot to toss around.
    • You’d need to have some kind of goal to reach.
    • You can get jetpacks, bounce shielding, whatever.
    • The way you construct your robot will determine how it handles through the obstacles.
  • Ye Olde Catapult Commande
    • Another Missle Command style game, but medieval themed, and physics based.
    • The primary skill required would be to aim and fire the catapult at attackers such as demons, evil giant bats, hot air balloons, airships, wizards on flying carpets.

More to come!


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