Should there be a special class for Bank Toons?

The wife and I were playing World of Warcraft the other night, and we were talking about how we wished they had a Worgen-style tophat that you could get for your bank toons.  That got me thinking about bank toons in general, and how important they are to most MMORPGs.

I think that Bankers could be a viable class, depending on the game you’re playing.  Now, I don’t mean that Bankers would be your normal kind of toon that you take out questing and running dungeons, but rather a specialized class focused on managing your other toons’ junk and trying to make money on the Auction House.

It would be a class without levels, but you could earn achievements and titles.  There could also be clothing and accessories unique to the Banker class, so you could dress them in style with as much or as little bling as you want.  Each crafting profession could have a few items to make for bank toons.

So yeah, it’s a frivolous idea and ridiculous idea.  Gods forbid they put something frivolous and ridiculous into an MMO.


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