There may come a time, if humanity makes it long enough and science isn’t suppressed, that we will unravel the complexities of mental illness.  We will realize how various bacteria and genetic flaws, and other factors we cannot yet imagine, commingle to cause all the types of maladies of the mind.  And we will look back on how we’ve treated the mentally ill throughout the ages, and we will be ashamed.

I’d wager that we’ll find that most mental illnesses can be fixed through medical treatment; be it surgery or gene therapy, or some implanted device that adjusts sensory input or compensates for damaged reasoning centers.

One day we’ll know.  One day we’ll be able to stop tossing drugs at a mental condition, hoping that something will numb the patient enough to make the problem manageable.  I don’t mean to be critical of modern medical/psychological practice…we don’t know any better at this point.

One thing we need to remember is that nobody chooses to be psychotic, schizophrenic, depressed, insane or bipolar.  Every human civilization has been cruel to those who are different, and there will be a time when we realize what tiny difference there is between “normal” and not.


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  1. There was some good news on the research front re schizophrenia recently. I blogged about it yesterday. While I often feel like giving up, I guess there is reason to hope.

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