Composite C1 – How to remove the Generator meta tag

I really, really like Composite C1.  It’s a sweet CMS that does what a CMS should and doesn’t have a lot of overhead like some systems I could mention.  But when I wanted to remove the Generator meta tag and/or other common meta tags that could (in my opinion) present a security risk, I couldn’t find any info about it.  So, after some digging through a couple of different Composite sites that I built, I have found two places where a call to this data can hide.

First, check all of your Page Template cshtml files (in /App_Data/PageTemplates/ ) for the following:

<f:function name=”Composite.Web.Html.Template.CommonMetaTags” />

…and get rid of that.

Also, go to the Layout perspective and pop open the Page Template Features, and look for a node called “Descriptive HTML head elements”.  Open that up and get rid of the call to the common meta tags.


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