Job Hunt Tip: Keeping track of potential employers

Hey Interweb folks, I know it’s been a while since I’ve rapped at ya.

Lately I’ve gone through the process of finding a new jobby-job.  (Spoiler alert:  I found one.)  During the process I noticed that I kept forgetting contact names or mixing-up the details between gigs, so I crafted a handy template for quickly and concisely keeping track of the important bits of information about each potential employer.

I’m a software developer, so my first point of contact about any given job is usually a recruiter.  It’s important for me that I keep track of which headhunter I’m working with for a given job.  That way, nobody’s toes are stepped on.  Relationships are important!

I used to store this list so that I could access it from any device.  You could use that, or Google Drive, MS Office online, etc.  Just make sure you can access it anywhere.

Modify this template as required for your particular needs, of course.  And if you find this template useful, let me know what line of work you’re in and what modifications you’ve made to make your job search less chaotic.

  • Company Name
    • My overall thoughts about the job…
    • Recruiter
      • Name
      • Company
      • Phone
      • Email
      • Any notes about this person that are pertinent
    • Location
      • Address
      • Drive time/complexity
    • Compensation:
    • What is their line of business?
    • Interviewer/Supervisor:
      • Name
      • Title and/or their place in the food chain
      •  Pertinent notes – what do I think of this person?
    • Corporate URL
    • Glassdoor Info (FYI: is a site that has reviews from employees about their employers.  Take with a grain of salt, of course.  And use a throw-away email account to sign up.)
      • URL:
      • Notes:
    • Employment Type and Length (permanent? contract?)
    • Tech Stack (what technologies/frameworks are they using?)
    • Project Info
      •  What would I be working on?
      • What would my primary responsibilities be?
    • Culture
      • Dress Code
      • General Attitude (laid-back, stuffy, all-business, goofy, etc)
      • Hours (do they work a lot of overtime?)
    • Do I know anybody that works there?
      • If so, what do they think about the job?
      • Do I want to work with them again?
    • Pros:
    • Cons:
    • Misc intelligence/gossip from my network about this gig:
    • Benefits
      • Health:
      • Dental:
      • Vision:
      • 401k:



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