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Second Life fun ideas, Volume One

From the “Stuff I’d Like to Build But Don’t Have Time or Energy To” files, I present a list of ideas for products/services/whatever that could be useful in Second Life.

Some people are aware that I lead a double life in Second Life, which means technically one of my avatars is considered my Third Life.  I am known as Serious Wood to some, and to other people (mostly people who are more reputable, upstanding types) I am known as Buckminster Rust.

Serious is the persona I use when I create…how should I put it…funny, immature, sick, demented or weird products.  Buck is for more serious products and creations.  I recently released the SculpTitle using the Buckminster Rust moniker.  In WoW terms, Buck would be my “main” toon.

But most of the things on this list would be under the perverse pervue of Serious.

  • 3D E-Cards
    • This has been done to some degree, but I don’t think the idea has been fully realized.
    • The idea is that you can send a friend a card, which they can open and out pops a full scene, with music and fireworks or whatever.
    • I think pranks would fit well in this setting.
  • Various T-Shirts – these would be in the vein of shirts I’ve made in the past, like “My Alt Is a Linden” and “Fuck Off, I’m Scripting”
    • No, I won’t join your stupid group.
    • I ain’t your primbaby’s daddy.
    • I shit bling.
    • Go virtually fuck yourself.
    • I partnered with my alt.
    • Blingtards need not apply.
    • Your poseballs or mine?
  • SL-themed “motivational” posters
    • Lag, Yiffing, Griefers, Primbabies, Blingtards
  • Achievements in SL
    • Develop a system for recording/awarding achievements.
    • Notification system for telling friends/group members about achievements.
    • It should be a common system that is usable by role-play communities or any kind of game in SL.
    • The leaders/developers of communities and games could create achievements for their users/members.
    • Users would wear a HUD device that can track their achievements.  They could also see what other members have achieved.
    • Users could link to their achievement web page.  Handy for their profile in SL, Facebook, wherever.
    • The HUD would be used to play a little animation/sound whenever they get an achievement.
    • This would be  a great way to generate traffic, too.  Sign your place up for an achievement.  Have a scavenger hunt or other contest, and offer an achievement for that.
    • A user would have a standard achievement account, and be able to subscribe to other group-specific achievement sets.  So if you’re a retailer, you could any visitor/customer an achievement without them having to go sign up for anything.
  • Illness Attachment
    • Simulates a cold, flu, whatever.
    • Barf, sneeze, cough, pass out, etc.
    • HUD controlled
    • Barf could have various objects come out (food items, weird stuff).
    • Barf could be bloody
    • Multiple colors of mucus for the sneezes
  • Mr. Lagsworth, Robot Irritant
    • While Primsworth was built to help people.  Lagsworth would be built to hinder.
    • He follows the user around, commenting on everybody he sees and just generally being a nuisance.
    • Got something rude to say?  Have him say it  for you (you say it on a special chat channel).
    • I have some pretty funny ideas for how he’d look.
  • Crappy Fireworks
    • Sometimes they explode in your hand, fizzle, go off in crazy directions just like real fireworks.  When they fizzle, maybe there’s a wah-wah-wahhhhh fail sound.
  • Non-Sequitor SicTitle Dispenser
    • Based on my SicTitle hovertext follower thingy, this device could be placed somewhere and spawn hovertext follower objects that say crazy things.  Every avatar gets something different and weird floating over his/her head.
  • Rave/Party Effects Drones
    • Imagine a “seeker ball” type of floating drone that makes a personal lightshow around you and flies around doing cool stuff.
    • Like a floating, flying disco ball that has does a laser light show.  Particle effects, etc.
    • Could be set to pulse lights and move to any given beats-per-minute.
  • Primbabies Parody stuff
    • Exploding baby carriages.
    • Primbaby Dimensional Portal – a space/time vortex appears overhead and suddenly primbabies start to fall out of it.  Some of them are yelling things like “WHAT YEAR IS IT?!” and “WE MUST WARN THE OTHERS!”  Some of them explode.  Some just cry.  Some do both.
    • Suicide Bomber primbaby
  • Sick Skeet Shooting
    • A skeet shooting game that uses primbabies and cute animals as targets.  Sounds would be important.  Targets should explode when you hit them or when they hit the ground.
    • Includes a scorekeeper device.

Expect more!


Film is BACK!

Found this via Dvice.  Hilarious!

Interesting Nostradamus Facts

I’m working on a project that has something to do with Nostradamus’ famous quatrains, and after parsing all the lines and words, I’ve found that:

  • The dude left us 942 quatrains (3768 lines) containing about 4600 unique words.
  • When you exclude common words like “a”, “the”, “and”, “of”, etc, the word most used by Nostradamus in his quatrains is “Great”.
  • He used the word “Great” more than he used the common words “one”, “he”, “from”, “through”, “for”, “they”, “who”, “on”, “so”, as” and “with”!  A whopping 438 times!
  • The proper noun that appears most is “Mars”.
  • The place most mentioned in his quatrains was France – 31 times.
  • Most of the cities and towns mentioned in the quatrains are in France.  Think globally – prophecize locally.  Italian cities are a close second.
  • Approximately 420 unique cities are mentioned in the quatrains.  I can’t get a completely accurate count since some of the place names were intentionally obscured, or they don’t exist any more.
  • The word “life” appears 19 times, while the word “death” appears 96 times.  How cheerful.

I’ll report more amazing facts should I stumble upon them.

Learnin’ With The PooYoos

I just had to share this video.  The game looks neat and all, and I’m sure it’s fun for tha little ‘uns, but what I love is the song in this video.  I double-dawg dare you to listen to this song and not enjoy the rest of your day.

You absolutely must hear this.