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Project Name Generator is a GO!

There is much wootage on this day.

I submitted my first iPhone app, Project Name Generator, to the App Store a couple of days ago. At around 1:30 pm today I received a message from the iTunes store that it had passed review and was “Ready for Sale”. About an hour later it was available in the App Store!

Now I just need to market the thing.


Appstore Infiltration – Part I: Signup

Well I gave ’em my ninety-nine bucks and I’m waiting to become a gen-u-ine, bona-fide iPhone App Dee-veloper. The shopping cart and checkout process were very smooth, and that’s something I really appreciate since most of my day job consists of e-commerce development. A solid checkout process warms my heart. I’m feeling good about this so far.

As for ProjNameGen, my first app, I’m not quite ready to submit it yet but I have been able to get favorites saved to the little sqlite database and I got the favorites to display in a table on their tab.

Next I’m going to drop in the advertisement code. I need to research which network I want to go with. Then I need to make the Settings screen, where users can add words and…stuff. I’m not exactly sure what else I’m going to put there. I don’t want to scope-creep this thing.

I also need to add some more word categories and words, plus the ability to email generated project names, and delete favorites.

ProjNameGen: There are many like it, but this one is mine.

There are tons of random project name generators out there, but surprisingly few for the iPhone from what I can tell.  That’s where ProjNameGen comes in.  I spent an extremely frustrating but ultimately rewarding weekend bashing my head against my keyboard and threatening to cast off all trappings of technology and join an Amish village somewhere learning about Sqlite, honing my Objective C skills, and navigating the incredibly quirky and unfriendly XCode IDE.

The bulk of the app is done.  It makes random project names based on word lists for the first second and third words.  Right now the first word is always an adjective.

The little heart icon in the top right is for marking a project name as a favorite, and I haven’t coded up the functionality for that yet.  I’m thinking about making it a simpler icon – white with a punched-out plus sign so it goes with the minimalist feel of the app.

The Settings tab will have a few things for the user to play with.  You’ll be able to add your own words and enable/disable the first/second/third words.

The space at the top will be for advertising.  I’m going to document my upcoming struggle to get this thing into the app store.