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Living under a rock, musically speaking.

The wife was hosting a club event in Second Life this evening (“Demented and sad, but social.”) and the DJ played a tune that really caught my attention.  It was “This Boy’s In Love” by The Presets.  Well, this set off a bit of YouTube spelunking that turned up a bunch of their videos, and some related bands/music that I’d never heard of but am thoroughly enjoying.

Sometimes I run into a covey of bands huddled in plain site and I feel like I’ve been living under a rock.  I seriously need to update the ol’ music collection.  Some of these bands I’m finding have been around for quite a while.

Some things I’ve found tonight…

With Every Heartbeat” by Robyn – Her vocals remind me of Kate Bush, and that’s just awesome.

My Delirium” by Ladyhawke – A fellow aspie.  Lots of Joan Jett in her voice and style (on this track, at least…I’m still finding other tracks).

Work On You” by MSTRKRFT – I really dig the robot sound.  These guys remind me of Solvent.  Excellent video.

I recommend pretty much everything I’ve seen/heard so far on ModularPeople’s channel on tha youtubez.


“New Tab” Syndrome

When I’m browsing, I open almost everything in a new tab.  I used to open stuff in a new window, but now with the incredible advancements made in the areas of Multiple Document Interface as Applied to a Web Browser (after only 10 years or so of web browsers not having the capability), I end up having about 7-10 tabs open at any given time.  I just seem to never want to close the originating page until I’m absolutely done with it.

This, of course, can lead to memory issues – and I’m not talking just about RAM.  But RAM is an important consideration when multi-tabbin’ it.  One of the primary reasons I use FlashBlock is because during any given browsing session I would have so much Flash going on that it would crash my browser.