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Business Intelligence != Success

At my new job I’m currently studying whether or not to use a (gigantic) business intelligence suite for a particular project.  The company already owns the software, has it implemented, and has a huge staff of people trained in its use, maintenance, development, etc.  I think I’m obligated to take advantage of it.  The software is damned impressive, and while it probably has way more functionality than we could use on this project, I think it’s the right choice.

That being said, let me rail against Business Intelligence (BI) in general…BI is becoming yet another crutch for corporations, and yet another way to make the shareholders feel like something is being done to make them more money.  Instead of focusing on innovation, customer service and making good products, we’re supposed to “mine” a bunch of data and magically pull out numbers and statistics that will point us in the right direction.

It’s crap.  The whole idea is crap.  It’s just like Six Sigma and all the other corporate culture garbage.  It’s the lingo of d-bags in polos and khakis.  BI is an attempt to aggregate buttloads of data and try to share it and display it in ways that are beneficial to all of the divisions of your company – and that’s a noble thing to do and probably helps in many ways – but I’ve seen cultish devotion to BI and I want to slap people around and try to make them see that they’re not going to read the customers’ minds with it.

There are a lot of corporations out there that are good at one thing – being corporate.  BI is making them even better at it.