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More futzing with the “drift” on my game.  I believe the correct term is “inertia”.  I really need to read that “pysics for game developers” book.

i simply took the ship’s current rotation and generated a vector from it based on an arbitrary thrust value, then added that to the ship’s current velocity vector.

like so:

CalculateMovement((int)curRot, .3, out newX, out newY); // this function ripped off from Silverlight Rocks

velocityX += newX;
velocityY += newY;

_playerVel = new Vector2D(velocityX, velocityY);     // i then use this vector to move my background layers, as well as the player’s position in the game universe.

And I have a check in there to make sure the ship doesn’t go too fast in any direction.   Before I had the check in there, the thing could go to warp speed in a few seconds.  It was a good test of my starfield generating algorithm, anyway.

So now I’m slipping and sliding all over the place.  It looks really good.   I’ve found a bug with my min/max check that I knew would happen, though.  More thinking and tweaking before I upload a new version.