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Will a recession/depression help or hurt MMO games and worlds?

I’ve been wondering what effects the economic shitstorm downturn will have on massively-multiplayer online games and communities.  Will people be more inclined to reduce the amount of money they pay to participate?  Will we see a rise in free-to-play MMOs here in the US?  (Free-to-play is heeeeeuuuuge in Asia, apparently.)

What I don’t foresee happening is people spending more time and money on MMOs due to the economic crisis…not this time, anyway.  I don’t think our society has yet tipped over to a condition where online life is preferable to “real” life.  For one, the graphics just aren’t up to snuff.  🙂

Perhaps 20 to 25 years from now, when we’ve dug ourselves into yet another financial pit and we have realistic holographic projections instead of monitors, some folks will choose to spend the majority of their waking hours in a virtual world where they’re beautiful and wealthy.  Of course, their full-time job will probably be farming Warcraft gold for some megaconglomerate, but it might be preferable to real-world alternatives.


Bliztards: Cheating OK as long as nobody else makes money off it.

Blizzard Entertainment has been awarded $6 million as a result of their suit against the makers of  MMOGlider, a program that takes a small amount of suckage out of the grindfest that is World of Warcraft.

So let’s get this straight…it’s perfectly OK for you to multi-box 5 shamans, but you can’t run what is essentially a beefed-up macro program to grind some ore?  It’s the whole multibox thing that makes me think that the goldfarmers that are “ruining the game” aren’t so bad.

If I’ve learned anything while leveling my four (yes, 4) 70’s, is that the game is all about the plug-ins and helper sites.  As soon as you discover sites like, thottbot, etc., then the game is pretty much over in terms of mystery or effort.  You grab the essential plugins like QuestHelper, which takes you by the hand and leads you to your next mind-numbing killfest.  No exploration needed.

If you’re into the PvP scene, there are plenty of plugins and macros for that, too.  I have a sap macro for my rogues that gives me the upper hand against other rogues.  I just spam it and it automatically targets nearby enemies and saps them.  It’s great for ferreting-out stealthed rogues.  Is it cheating?  It’s not considered cheating by WoW…it’s just another spell macro.

I cancelled my account(s) soon after getting most of my purple PvP gear for my main rogue (I have 2 horde rogues and one alli rogue).  I was hardcore-addicted to the game and one day I just overdosed and saw through the madness.  This recent court battle is yet another reason to stop wasting my money and my precious time on BULLSHIT.

I tried multiboxing for about a week, and I think that contributed greatly to finally quitting.  I realized that it’s all about money and time.  If you have enough cash and/or time to put into WoW, you can dominate in whatever aspect you choose.

Am I against multi-boxing?  Nope.  Go right ahead and spend your money how you see fit.  But don’t look down on somebody who buys gold or runs a program like Glider to try to catch up with you.

To sum up: Screw you, Blizzard.  The thing that ruins your game is the lack of original content and the rudeness of your players, not the goldfarmers or botters.

I shan’t be participating in the upcoming Bath of the Rich King, either.  OH LOOK!  We’re going to fight some zombies!  They look just like the ones outside Brill…but they’re level 80!