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After all these years…

I finally sat down and watched THX 1138 from start to finish last night, and I’m glad I did.  I didn’t understand it at all when I was younger.  I’d try to watch it and get bored, or something would happen, or I would catch it halfway through or something.  As a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, and George Lucas’ American Graffiti, and as a sci-fi nut in general, I had been meaning to watch it for years and years.

I wish I could have seen it all the way through when I was a bit younger.  It’s kind of like The Catcher in the Rye in that it’s profound when you encounter it when you’re young, but you don’t fully grasp it until you’re more experienced.  For me it’s a good pre-middle-age movie.

I saw it on Netflix Instant, which has a pretty nice collection of movies.  It’s good to finally grasp what that string of letters and numbers really means.  I knew the gist of it, but man, it’s one of those movies that alters your thinking and perception for a while.

The office sounds totally different to me right now.  I sit by a printer/copier, and the hums, screeches and whirrs it makes are straight out of the techno-nightmare world of that film.  I work at a large telecom company, and so the banter I hear is mostly corporatespeak laced with various high-tech sounding terms.  Throw in the occasional loud rumbling of an aging HVAC system, and you’ve got yourself a premade ambient track for THX 1138 II: Bald Revolution.

I’m amazed at how prophetic the sounds were.  I’m hearing voices over several speakerphones and the garbled din is eerily similar to the intercom chatter in the movie.

As I look around the sagging beige fabric walls of my cubicle, I suddenly realize that I definitely need to add some more flair to my personal workspace.