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Run multiple instances of Second Life for easier scripting

When I’m programming, I love it when I enter “the zone” and the code just flows from brain to computer.  In Second Life, nothing breaks that flow like having to minimize my script windows and Edit dialog, and then having to fiddle with my camera to get a look at how my script is affecting the object I’m working on.

Here’s a little tip for anybody who, like me, has about twenty LSL script windows open in Second Life at any given moment.  If you want to grab a quick peek at the object you’re working on try this:

Run two instances of SL!  Keep your alt’s screen tidy and centered on the object you’re fiddling with.  When you want to take a look at your scripting handiwork, just Alt-Tab to switch between your scripter and your alt.  This is really handy for folks with multiple monitors.

To run multiple instances of SL, you’ll need to modify your Second Life shortcut. Right-click on the shortcut and go to Properties.  In the Target textbox, just add “-multiple” to the end (no quotes).  Make sure there’s a space between whatever is already there and the hyphen.

I advise you to rename the shortcut to “Second Life – Multi” or something like that, because subsequent installations of SL will overwrite your icon if you leave it just “Second Life”.

Happy scripting!

* PS: A word of warning…I ran two instances of the Release Candidate so I can compile scripts in Mono, and I encountered a really strange permissions/ownership glitch wherein my alt got permission/ownership of an object, while my main toon lost permission/ownership.  I suggest running the alt toon with the standard client instead of the Release Candidate.  I’m reporting the issue to the proper authorities.