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MaxiVista: Streamlining the viewer laptop

MaxiVista has turned out to be one of the most useful programs I’ve ever installed.  It can turn an old laptop into a much-needed extra monitor for your main computer, and it’ll let you remotely control a computer as well – you can just mouse right over to the other machine’s screen as if it were part of your desktop.  It shares the clipboard with the other machine, too.  Sweet.

I scrounged an old, clunky Toshiba Satellite Pro at work and put it to use as a 3rd monitor there (along with my 19″ LCD I brought from home).  What has bugged me for a while was that the hard drive would tick every few seconds.  So I did a little investigating using FileMon and such and found some old apps hanging around.  Deleted.

I’d like to nuke’n’pave it and put a lean install of XP on it.  Right now it has Windows Server 2003, and even though I’ve disabled just about everything I can, I can’t help but think that there are still miscellaneous server-y type processes lurking in the background.  I even took out the CD-ROM drive since it showed up in the “safely remove hardware” list.

I’m going to do a little investigating this weekend to see which operating system (XP or Server 2003) can run the leanest.  Unfortunately, Win9x variants are out of the question.  Vista, I’m thinking, can’t even be considered since it’s notoriously resource-hoggish.  I’m not going to look at Win2k, either, since XP and 2003 are refinements.  So it’s not going to be completely scientific or all-inclusive (i can’t use any *nix variants, for example).